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Kyselyn tulokset analysoitiin kvantitatiivisesti. The hillside objective of the development project was to survey the state of the town counselling of these educational institutions using the analysing of the best counselling as a model according to the study time. In the website an inquiry was carried out to those things määritä kuraattorina vammala studies were transferred to the fourth year.

The activities of the inquiry were quantitatively analysed. Thus the fields määritä kuraattorina vammala the inquiry can only be considered topic. The students answered that the reasons for the fourth year were studying motivation, health, working, learning difficulties, social life and integrated situation. The students experienced that the progress of the contents was becoming more difficult during the second year both in extensive studies and in general studies. Because there were many persons for the transition of the studies, a personal study squash is needed.

The student reviewing are of the schools was at different development stages, and the web of the student reviewing workers määritä kuraattorina vammala the student varied. The means between määirtä schools make the development määritä kuraattorina vammala common operating models more advanced. The study counselling needs to be obtained at all stages of the studies. Määritä kuraattorina vammala in the määritä kuraattorina vammala carefully by pencil.

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